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Fernlea Flowers
Florida USA, Ontario Canada

Fernlea Flowers Ltd.
Stuart, Florida | Miami, Florida | Delhi, Ontario

For more than 75 years Fernlea Flowers has grown and supplied retailers and gardeners with the highest quality garden and tropical plants. As one of the largest owner-operated greenhouses in North America, Fernlea has facilities in Florida and Ontario, Canada.

Fernlea is the exclusive North American supplier of Rio Dipladenia, a great bush type member of the mandevilla family. Rio dipladenias come in pink, red and white and are available from mid April until mid July. The Rio family of products includes hanging baskets, tropical planters, branded quart and gallon pots, combo hanging baskets and more.

Rio dipladenias are a gardeners dream plant because of their non-stop blooms that work very well in planters, garden beds and hanging baskets. Retailers & consumers alike love these trendy, tropical beauties. Here's why:

Tough enough for store front & distribution centers
Shipped on ready to sell decorated racks
Low-maintenance, easy-care performer
Heat, cool & drought tolerant
Successfully tested in cold warehouse simulation at 34 degrees for 4 days

Fernlea also is one of the largest growers of red star spikes, dracaena spikes, tropical centers and accent plants.


Anjanette Lounsbury,
Sales Manager
1.800.265.6789 ext.1142

Annette Lambrecht
Account Manager
1.800.265.6789 ext. 1271

Mike Laing,
Key Account Manager
1.800.265.6789 ext. 1258


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